Forged Ball Valve with forged body

How is a Forged Ball Valve Made?

If your industrial application involves high pressures, high pressures, and other severe conditions, a forged ball valve may be better suited to your needs. A …

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Engineer performing cost of ownership analysis for metal seated ball valve

Metal Seated Ball Valve Cost of Ownership

When considering different valve options, it’s essential to consider total cost of ownership. For many applications, a metal seated ball valve may offer savings long-term. …

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severe service ball valves and industrial pipes

When Severe Service Ball Valves Need Repair/Reconditioning

Severe service ball valves take a beating, no matter your application. This often means they experience more wear and tear than valves in other applications. …

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slurry flow slowing down controlled by metal seated ball valve

Metal Seated Ball Valve for Slurry Control

A metal seated ball valve offers superior sealing, reliability, and longevity compared to many other types of valves. Therefore, ball valves are a preferred option …

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High performance ball valve

High Performance Ball Valve Ratings Guide

Engineers looking for a high performance ball valve need to consider typical conditions for their application. Some valves are rated for different conditions than others, …

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metal seated ball valve with red handle

Metal Seated Ball Valve: Floating vs. Trunnion

Choosing a metal seated ball valve is essential for safe, efficient operations. Ball valves offer many benefits over other valves, including a more compact design, …

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continuous catalytic reforming plant uses metal seated ball valve

Metal Seated Ball Valve for CCR Processes

A catalyst feeder metal seated ball valve is essential for continuous catalytic reforming (CCR) processes. CCR is a modern and efficient way to turn naphtha …

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High Performance Ball Valve: Full vs. Standard Port

When purchasing a high performance ball valve, it’s important to know what port size you need for your application. The most common types are standard …

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Carbide Coating in Houston - Copeland Valve & Coating Technologies

Carbide Coating in Houston for Wear Resistance

Severe service applications like mining and power generation can create a lot of wear on valves. However, carbide coating in Houston for valve components can …

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Isolation Valves - Copeland Valve & Coating Technologies

Isolation Valves: Ball Valves vs. Gate Valves

The two most common isolation valves on the market today are ball valves and gate valves. Choosing between the two generally means knowing your applications …

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