Catalyst Feeders

Catalyst Feeder Valves

Copeland has been making catalyst feeder valves for over 20 years now. Our first efforts met with great success, increasing cycle life from a maximum of 10,000 cycles to several million between changeouts. In fact, our very first valve is still in operation and working well.

Copeland now has a variety of options available when ordering these items. We have a new Zero Leakage packing system that was custom made for these feeders. Engineering assistance from several experienced engineers at Chevron Phillips assisted with this effort and this collaboration yielded a very exciting product.

Catalyst Feeder
Key Features
  • ANSI 600# Class rating
  • Rated for high cycles
  • Sealing surfaces coated with CFS-131
  • Actuated for automated controls
  • Flanged end connects
  • Available in 35cc, 50cc, and 70cc injection per cycle
  • Zero Emissions package with Nitrogen Purge available
  • Available with flanged flush ports
  • Designed around your specific needs

Catalyst Feeder Manual

Please contact Copeland for further information or, if you are a Chevron Phillips Licensee, a presentation is also available through Chevron Phillips directly.

December 04, 2012: Two new models of catalyst feeders were approved and sold for installation in the U.S. and Asia. Copeland marked it’s 20th year anniversary in selling high cycle, extremely reliable feeders. Feeders typically have achieved millions of cycles between changeouts. Recent improvements have focused on maintaining Zero Emissions from the packing areas.

See Report on Zero Emissions Package Success Story.