Metal Seated Ball Valve - Copeland Valve & Coating Technologies

Metal Seated Ball Valve vs. Soft Seated Valves

Why might you choose a metal seated ball valve over a soft seated one? This all depends on your process and applications. Generally, metal seats …

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Isolation Valves Testing: Confidence for End-Users

Leaks: Many people dread the word, from engineers and production managers to shareholders. They can put people in danger, threaten the environment, or completely interrupt …

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Carbide Coating in Houston - Copeland Valve & Coating Technologies

Benefits of Valve Carbide Coating in Houston

Carbide coating in Houston helps protect valve surfaces to reduce galling, erosion, and other signs of wear. Particularly in severe service applications like oil and …

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Isolation Valves - Copeland Valve

Benefits of Exercising Isolation Valves

You’ve probably been told all about the benefits of exercise from your doctor, but did you know isolation valves need exercise as well? Exercising valves …

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Cast vs. Forged Ball Valve: Which is Better?

  A common debate is whether it’s better to choose a forged ball valve or a cast valve. Many people vehemently believe that one is …

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Cast Ball Valve

Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to the new Copeland Valve Website. Browse our website to find all the products and services we offer and check our news section again …

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