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Copeland Valve – Metal Seated Ball Valves for Severe Service

Metal seated ball valves from Copeland offer solutions for even the toughest environments. When you need long-lasting, durable solutions for your applications, we provide the highest quality valves designed to withstand high temperatures, corrosion, high cycles, and other extreme stresses. Gain confidence with our metal seated ball valves.

Valve failure can lead to inefficiencies, reduced profitability, and dangerous conditions. Our metal seated ball valves are engineered to provide high performance and long service life using our advanced and innovative valve technologies. Using high quality manufacturing materials in a wide range of carbon and stainless steels and specialized alloys, Copeland Valve provides solutions for severe service applications. To enhance performance and service life, we provide coatings, finishes, and HVOF overlays for erosion and wear resistance and corrosion protection.

Critical Valves for Industrial Applications

We provide solutions for critical valve needs for a wide variety of industries. Increase control and isolation while reducing downtime, service costs, and safety hazards by choosing Copeland’s industry-leading metal seated ball valves.

Some of the industries we serve include:

Electrical Power Generation​
Electrical Power Generation

Valve failure can be catastrophic in the electricity generation industry, which is why power plants need advanced Copeland metal seated ball valves for high performance and longevity. We provide innovative severe service valves for your power generation needs. Utilizing advanced engineering and innovative technology, we provide critical valves you can depend on.



At Copeland Valve, we provide proven, tested solutions for the nuclear industry. When you need critical valves, we provide products and valve services that give you peace of mind. When safety is on the line, you need a valve you can trust. Our metal seated ball valves are tested to strict quality and safety standards to ensure they can stand up to even the harshest nuclear generation applications.

petro chemical valves


Petrochemical processing plants feature unique challenges for isolation and flow control, with needs for safety, production, efficiency, and quality control. For safe, reliable solutions, choose Copeland for all your petrochemical valve needs. Our engineers design metal seated ball valves tested for severe service applications, including the corrosive materials and erosive particulates they may encounter in chemical processing plants. Our long-lasting, durable valves are the perfect solution for the petrochemical industry.

Metal Seated Ball Valve - Copeland Valve & Coating Technologies


Oil refineries need dependable, long-lasting severe service metal seated ball valves for a wide range of refining processes. Our valves stand up to the test of a wide range of refining operations to help enhance production and safety. With regulatory and environmental agencies pushing for reducing waste and processing even bottom-of-the-barrel oil, refineries need valves to withstand high cycles, high pressures, high temperatures, erosive residuals, and so much more. We provide solutions to give the refining industry peace of mind.

oil and gas valves

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry have strict requirements for metal seated ball valves that require precision and durability in severe service applications. At Copeland, we maximize the service life of your oil and gas valves to help reduce non-productive time, improve safety, and provide long-term value for your operations.



Slurry is abrasive and mining often means using valves in extreme environments. Our metal seated ball valves enhanced with specialized coatings helps improve mining productivity and safety. Our proven valve solutions stand up to even the most demanding environments to provide you with high quality, reliable performance for your mineral and metal extraction operations.

Pulp and Paper​

Pulp and Paper

How can you increase production and efficiency while maintaining high quality standards for pulp and paper? Choosing Copeland for your critical valve needs, you can reduce downtime and increase valve service life. Our metal seated ball valves withstand stress from corrosive chemicals, abrasive materials, and other forces for reliable isolation and control.



When you need specialty critical valves for your industry, we provide custom solutions for your needs. Our metal seated ball valves and thermal coatings offer the longest-lasting valves for extreme environments. When standard valves just won’t do the trick, choose Copeland Valve for your customized valve needs.

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