Severe Service Ball Valves

Types of Severe Service Metal Ball Valves

Severe service valves are put to the test with high cycle rates, high temperatures, high pressures, abrasives, and corrosives. At Copeland Valve, we manufacture high quality, wear-resistant metal seated ball valves for a wide range of industrial applications.

We offer many different types of severe service industrial ball valves, including:

  • Catalyst Feeders: Copeland has been making catalyst feeder valves for over 20 years now. Our first efforts met with great success, increasing cycle life from a maximum of 10,000 cycles to several million between changeouts. In fact, our very first valve is still in operation and working well.
  • Forged Ball Valves: Our severe service forged metal ball valves are custom manufactured to your requirements. Coated with wear-resistant overlays and tested to the highest standards, forged metal ball valves offer solutions for even the most demanding applications.
  • Power Valves: Copeland’s severe service power valves offer superior design and longevity for high pressure steam and water service with HVOF chrome carbide coatings for protection in high pressure, high temperature, and erosive applications.
  • Lined Throttling & Control Valves: Abrasive-resistant liners help extend the life of severe service When you need long-lasting throttling and control valves for extreme applications, Copeland’s innovative lined valves stand the test of time with reliable, superior performance and durability.
  • High Cycle Slurry Valves: High cycle slurry valves must withstand a wide range of severe service applications. Not only must they stand up to erosive particulates in slurry, they must also resist corrosion, pressure, high temperature, and high cycle rates for effective control and isolation. Our high cycle slurry valves provide peace of mind that your valves are strong enough to stand up to extreme stresses when pumping slurry.
  • 3 Piece Low Pressure Valves: Copeland’s three piece low pressure valves are great for high cycle, abrasive, high temperature applications. Our three piece valves offer long-term savings through easy repairs and maintenance without the need for specialized tools. These valves are convenient and long-lasting, resulting in cost-savings over time.

For specialty or extremely heavy duty applications, we offer custom solutions for your valve needs. Each of our metal seated ball valves are coated with high performance thermal spray coatings for long-lasting, high performance service in even the toughest conditions. You can depend on Copeland Valves for your severe and critical service valves.

Metal Ball Valves for Industrial Applications

No matter what your applications, Copeland offers metal seated ball valves to fit your needs. Our strict quality standards and decades of engineering offer you solutions for a wide range of applications, from corrosive environments to high temperature applications. We offer field experience to ensure our metal seated ball valves work optimally for the end-user and provide the confidence you need for your critical control and isolation needs. Our industrial ball valves are fire-safe, long-lasting, and dependable to help you maximize production and reduce costs for downtime and replacement.

All our severe service metal seated ball valves utilize our proprietary thermal protection. Because we make all our industrial ball valves right here in Houston, Texas, our valves are also perfect for humid and salty conditions. We proudly manufacture our valves in the U.S.A. to ensure high quality standards you can count on. Contact us today to discuss your severe service valve needs with our experts and request a quote today!