High Cycle Slurry Valves

Slurry Valves for High & Low Cycles

High Cycle Slurry Valves Copeland’s slurry valves offer solutions for both high and low cycle rates. Our valves can handle a wide range of slurry solids, varying in density, particle size, and hardness. In addition to erosion-resistance, our slurry pumps also offer protection against corrosion, high temperatures, and high pressures. Severe service ball valves from our team are long-lasting and reliable to help maximize production even in the most abrasive and heavy duty environments.

Our stainless steel metal seated ball valves feature thermal spray coatings and plasma applied overlays to increase wear-resistance and service life. Copeland high cycle slurry valves have provided superior wear resistance for silica, superheated steam, and acid applications to ensure efficiency, safety, and production for a wide range of industries. We’ve been designing metal seated ball valves for slurry applications since the 1990s and offer the advantage of experience and innovation for your slurry control and isolation needs.

To help prevent lockups when the valve cavity fills with slurry, our metal seated ball valves offer a floating ball design with strict tolerances to within a few thousandths of an inch to offer successful, efficient slurry control without the need for frequent maintenance or cleaning. When you need advanced metal seated ball valve solutions, choose Copeland valve for confidence, reduced downtime, and long-term value.

We offer customizable valve solutions for all your industrial ball valve needs. All our valves are manufactured in the U.S.A. to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. Slurry valves are tested for compliance to a wide range of quality standards, including our own Copeland zero leak certification process for guaranteed tight shut off. Get peace of mind against valve failures and expensive replacements when you choose long-lasting metal seated ball valves for slurry from our team.

Pressure Relief Cut Option

High Cycle Slurry ValvesIn addition to high quality materials and thermal coatings, Copeland also offers advanced engineering and design for even the highest pressure applications. Slurry valves often require quick pressure relief, which is why we offer pressure relief cut options for our metal seated ball valves for high cycle slurry applications, such as mining, petrochemical, and oil and gas.

Pressure relief cuts on our severe service ball valves offer many benefits for your industrial applications. Adding a pressure relief cut on a small section of the leading edge of your valve can help with quick pressure relief, decreasing heat buildup, and also reduce wire line draw when pumping slurry. In addition, relief cuts on our metal seated ball valves help prevent ball and coating damage when controlling metal particulates. 

At Copeland Valve, we offer specialized, innovative valve options for a wide range of severe service applications. Our team has the capability to provide customized valve solutions for even the toughest conditions. When you need advanced control and isolation for slurry, choose our valves for assurance that your valves offer reliability, longevity, and high performance. Contact us today to learn more about our high cycle slurry valves and to request a quote. We look forward to working with you.