Metal Seated Ball Valve Cost of Ownership
Engineer performing cost of ownership analysis for metal seated ball valve

Metal Seated Ball Valve Cost of Ownership

When considering different valve options, it’s essential to consider total cost of ownership. For many applications, a metal seated ball valve may offer savings long-term. It’s true that metal seated ball valves typically have a higher price point up front. However, they may cost less over the entire life cycle compared to soft seated alternatives. In this article, we’ll discuss cost of ownership for metal seated ball valves and how to optimize long-term costs. 

Cost of Ownership for a Metal Seated Ball Valve May Be Lower Than Soft Seated Valves

Engineer performing cost of ownership analysis for metal seated ball valve
A metal seated ball valve may have lower total cost of ownership for your severe service application compared to soft seated valves.

Cost of ownership is an important concept when considering your facility’s valve assets. Total cost of ownership relates to the direct and indirect costs for valves. This includes factors like purchase price, repair costs, replacement costs, and costs of downtime for repairs and maintenance. 

You likely know that soft seated valves have a lower purchase price than metal seated valves. However, they can experience significant wear and tear in short periods of time. This is particularly true for severe service applications. A metal seated ball valve, on the other hand, resists many harsh conditions. For example, high temperatures, high pressures, and abrasive materials. Therefore, in many cases metal seated ball valves may last longer and have lower associated costs of operation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. Metal seated valves can reduce downtime for repairs and maintenance, require fewer repairs and replacements, and may even increase safety for your operations, as they may break down and leak less often than soft seated options. 

Decreasing Cost of Ownership for Your Valves

In addition to choosing the right seat material, there are several other ways you can optimize cost of ownership for your ball valves. The first is choosing the right high performance ball valve for your needs. Knowing your application and choosing the right materials, pressure ratings, ports, and other particulars goes a long way in increasing returns from your valves. 

Specialized coatings can also help increase durability and longevity to decrease cost of ownership for ball valves. HVOF coatings harden sealing surfaces to protect them from abrasion, corrosion, and other forms of deterioration to increase the useful life of your valves. 

Choosing the right type of fabrication is also important. For instance, cast ball valves are often much easier, faster, and cheaper to manufacture, which helps with low purchase costs and fast delivery times. However, a cast valve may not be as strong as a forged ball valve, so it’s important to keep this in mind when looking for the best value for your valves. 

Also, it’s necessary to choose valves from a manufacturer that prioritizes quality. Even when valves are made from the right materials, the valve design and fabrication must be controlled to increase leak tightness, durability, and safety. Therefore, ensure you choose the right team for all your valve needs. 

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