Proprietary Thermal Coating for Metal Seated Ball Valves

Thermal coatingCoatings provide protection for valves to reduce wear and extend the service life of the valve. Copeland Valve is the leader in thermal protection for metal seated ball valves. We offer proprietary thermal spray coating application processes for high quality coatings for valves. Metal seated ball valves use metal on metal contact, which can encourage galling. Severe service valves also face harsh conditions such as high temperatures, corrosive materials, and other stresses that may increase wear and tear on valves and valve components. This is where coatings come into play to help reduce this wear and improve reliability and performance.

Valve coatings create wear-resistant surfaces on valve components. Copeland’s specialized, proprietary thermal coating process offers application-specific, anti-corrosion protection on our custom-engineered metal seated ball valves. We also apply coatings as a stand-alone service to help harden and repair industrial valves. When you need surface restoration for worn valves, our proprietary thermal coating process helps rebuild and recondition surface properties and dimensions worn away by erosion and corrosion.

Our team applies high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) overlays including tungsten carbide and chrome carbide. We also offer plasma applied ceramics overlays such as chrome oxide and titanium dioxide. Using our innovative coating technology, we provide the coatings you need for your metal seated ball valves.

At Copeland Valve, we produce our products locally to ensure the highest quality valves and coating services and prompt turnaround times. Our team is constantly innovating to provide you with the valve technology you need for even the most demanding operations and environments.

Industrial Protection for Industrial Ball Valves

At Copeland, we provide valve coating services to help protect and enhance your industrial ball valves. Our team helps customize the coating to your specific application and needs. Our proprietary application process offers extra staying power and bonding between coatings and valve seats for industrial-strength applications.

HVOF coatings help harden and reduce wear on metals in your industrial valves. Tungsten carbide and chrome carbide are common HVOF coatings we offer. Tungsten carbide coatings are almost twice the strength of steel to help reduce wear and extend the service life of your industrial ball valves. Chrome carbide valve coatings offer heat and oxide resistance for high temperature or corrosive environments, which makes them a great alternative to tungsten carbide HVOF coatings.

In addition, our plasma applied ceramic coating technology offers industrial protection for severe service ball valves. Some common ceramic coatings we offer include chrome oxide and titanium dioxide. Chrome oxide is perfect for abrasive and corrosive resistance to offer long-wearing surfaces. Titanium dioxide coatings offer hard, wear resistant surfaces and corrosion resistance for a wide range of industrial applications.

Copeland Valve also uses state-of-the-art equipment for valve pressure testing and re-testing. Pressure tests include hydrostatic and pneumatic testing for leakage to ensure our valves can withstand extreme stresses needed in severe service applications. Our pressure testing methods and equipment are in compliance with valve standards, including ANSI, ISO, API, and other organizations.

Whether you need technologically advanced valve manufacturing, coating, service, or testing, Copeland Valve offers innovative solutions for your industrial ball valves. Contact us today for a quote for your valve and service needs.