Lined Throttling & Control Valves

Throttling & Control Valves for Severe Service

Severe service throttle and control valves face a wide range of harsh conditions, such as high temperatures, high cycle rates, abrasives, corrosives, and other stresses that can cause wear and tear that affects fluid control. To help offer extra protection in even the most heavy duty applications, Copeland offers lined throttling, regulator, and control valves for your needs.

Valve liners help extend the life of your valve by up to 600% by protecting the walls and pressure containing body from erosion and wear from turbulence, abrasive particles, and other tough conditions. We manufacture liners made of high quality materials and thermal coated with ceramic, carbide, and other overlays to create long-lasting, reliable, durable valves for harsh environments. The service temperature of our lined throttling and control valves is generally around 1200° F.


Lined Throttling & Control Valves

Copeland regulator valves offer the advantage of years of innovation and engineering to create state-of-the-art solutions for fluid control. Liners help provide lasting solutions for challenging environments like the oil and gas and chemical industries. One perfect example is the customized valve we created for DuPont’s titanium dioxide service. Our liners not only help improve service life and wear, they also help prevent unplanned service interruptions from valve breakdown and failure. We design our valves to stand the test of time and help increase production, efficiency, and confidence for throttling and fluid control.

If you need custom throttling, regulator, or control valve solutions for your severe service applications, we offer lined valves tailored to your industry and needs. Our team of engineers has the knowledge and experience you need for innovative valve solutions.

Lined Control Valves for Manual Valves

In addition to automatic and pressure assisted seal options, Copeland also offers solutions for manual control valves in severe service industrial applications. You get peace of mind when you choose our innovative control valves— they are safe, pressure tested, and offer superior control for your applications.

We offer a wide range of options for your manual control valves to ensure they meet your requirements. All our valves are pressure tested and held to strict quality and safety standards, including our own zero leakage certification test. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective and durable valves for your needs. We’ve been creating cutting-edge products since 1947 and have the skills and expertise you can trust for your control valves. Gain confidence by choosing the best lined control valves on the market with our advanced, proprietary thermal spray coatings for wear resistant valves.

As an industry leading severe service valve manufacturer, we proudly manufacture everything in the U.S.A. to offer you cost-effective, safe, and high performance valves for your industrial applications. Whether you face the challenge of controlling the flow of abrasive fluids or need control valves that can withstand high cycle rates, we have solutions for your needs. Copeland offers innovation at every turn to find practical options for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our lined throttling and control valves and request a quote.