Reconditioning & Repairs

Valve Reconditioning & Repairs

Velaro Refining RepairLow performing or failing valves impact safety, production, and can cost you money. We offer cost-effective, high quality industrial valve reconditioning and repairs. Our comprehensive in-house conditioning and repair services help extend the life of your valves and offer you long-term savings on valve replacement. When you need valve service, choose our experts for quality, economical, and quick service.

At Copeland Valve, we begin by doing a pre-test to understand what is malfunctioning on your valve. Then, we disassemble and inspect the various components to help evaluate the condition of your valve and identify any other potential problems that need repair or maintenance. We repair and recondition industrial ball valves using a wide range of services, including welding, grinding, and specialized coatings to restore the surface of your valve components. Once repairs are complete, we re-assemble the valve and conduct comprehensive tests. This includes shell testing, pressure testing, and leak testing to ensure your valves meet all applicable industry standards.

We repair all metal seated ball valves, whether you sourced them from us or one of our competitors. Our team also has the expertise to repair a wide variety of other types of valves. When you choose Copeland Valve for your industrial valve reconditioning and repairs, you get confidence that you will receive high quality services to help improve efficiency and safety for your applications.

We offer in-house industrial valve reconditioning to provide cost savings and fast turnaround times to help reduce downtime. Our team can restore valves to their original condition using cutting-edge technology and years of experience. Rather than looking at expensive, unnecessary valve replacement, consider industrial valve reconditioning from our specialists at Copeland Valve.

HVOF Overlays & Plasma Applied Ceramic Treatments for Extended Valve Life

We use proprietary coatings and application technologies to help extend the life of your valves. Using specialized methods and state-of-the-art technology, our team offers industrial valve reconditioning and repair using HVOF overlays and plasma applied ceramic treatments. We begin by stripping off the old coating and then reapplying the new thermal coating spray to help harden and protect valve components from extreme temperatures, high pressures, high cycle rates, abrasives, and corrosion.

Coatings from Copeland Valve help reduce wear and improve longevity for even severe service valves. Our overlays help harden the sealing surface, reduce galling, and also create surfaces resistant to high temperatures, high pressures, abrasives, caustic substances, and other harsh conditions. After thermal coating spray reconditioning, you can count on longer-lasting, more durable valve solutions for your industrial applications.

We perform all our coating and lapping services in-house to ensure they meet strict quality and tolerance standards, as well as save you time and money. Many others send valve balls and seats out to a subcontractor for these services. Instead, we utilize our own proprietary methods and quality controls to meet your requirements and offer fast lead times.

Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our specialists and request a quote for valve reconditioning or repairs.