3 pc Low Pressure Valves

3 Piece Low Pressure Valves

Our 3 piece low pressure valves are metal seated ball valves with carbide sealing areas for severe service conditions such as abrasives, high temperatures, and high cycle rates. The full port orifice helps minimize pressure drops and prolongs service life, while the stem is blow-out proof. Copeland’s 3 piece small bore ball valves are lightweight, economical, and offer convenient in-line service and repair for replacing gaskets, seals, and seats. Choose our 3 piece industrial ball valves for easy cleaning and repair without line shutdown. Because our three piece metal seated ball valves are repairable, they offer long-term savings for your organization by reducing non-productive time and replacement costs. Three piece valves from Copeland offer tight shut off no matter where they’re fitted on the pipeline. The ball is loaded with a spring washer upstream of the ball and seat assembly and the ball is free to move laterally inside the valve body. Line pressure can press the ball against the downstream seat for a tighter seal. However, these metal seated ball valves provide a tight seal regardless of line pressure. Years of advancements and engineering from our team means our 3 piece low pressure metal seated ball valves offer high performance, long-lasting, and leak-free operation for even severe service environments.
3 Piece Metal Seated Ball Valves

These 3 piece low pressure valves come in a variety of customizable options, including:

  • Sizes ½” through 4”
  • Pressure ratings 150# and 300# ANSI
  • End connections:
    • Threaded
    • Socket weld
    • Butt weld
    • Extended butt weld
    • Flanged end
  • Body materials
    • CF8M
    • WCB
    • 4408
    • 0619
  • Ball and seat material:
    • 316 SS with CFS131
    • Chrome carbide HVOF coating
  • Stem material
    • 316 SS
  • Graph oil packing

Our 3 piece low pressure metal seated ball valves offer exceptional control paired with cost-saving engineering for maintenance. Choose our customizable severe service ball valves for peace of mind for your critical valve applications.

Pressure Tested Industrial Valves for Safety

When you choose our metal seated ball valves, you can rest easy knowing that you have reliable, high performance valves for even the harshest industrial applications. We value safety above all else, which is why we hold our products to industry-leading standards.

Our 3 piece low pressure valves are held to the highest quality standards to help maximize safety and efficiency. Copeland Valve performs pressure testing according to API 598 standards as well as our own zero leakage performance tests, so you have confidence in their safety and reliability.

To help ensure safety for our 3 piece low pressure metal seated ball valves, we are compliant with a wide range of valve standards, including:

  • ANSI/ASME: B16.34, B16.25, B1.20.1
  • API: 6D, 598
  • ISO: 5211/1, 5209, 5752, 7/1.261
  • MSS: SP25, SP72
  • BS: 5351
  • NACE: MR01-5

Copeland Valve proudly manufactures all our valves in the U.S.A. for strict quality and safety controls. Our goal is to provide you with superior valves you can trust, even in the most demanding environments. Contact our team today to learn more about our severe service metal seated ball valve solutions and request a quote.