Copeland Valve – Global Leader in the Design, Development, and Manufacturing of Metal Seated, Severe Service Ball Valves

Ball Valve StructureCopeland Valve, a division of ValSource International, designs valve solutions for severe service applications. Our ball valve expertise includes decades of engineering valves, combined with the ability to recondition and repair severe service ball valves to industry standards with innovative engineers, expert manufacturing personnel, and a support staff. All our Copeland Valves and parts are made in the U.S.A.

Copeland Valves, a Texas company, offers custom severe service metal ball valves. Our application-specific, anti-corrosion thermal spray on custom engineered metal seated ball designs ensure integrity, reliability, and safety. Severe service ball valves include high cycle valves for abrasive, corrosive, high pressure, and high temperature applications.

What is the difference between severe service valves and critical valves? Valves are considered critical based on the consequences of the valve not working properly. Severe service ball valves are rated by the challenges the valve faces itself. Severe service valves must withstand extreme stresses while providing optimal performance. Our engineers design valves that function as both severe service and critical service solutions.

Whether you need severe service ball valves for power generation, mining, refining, petrochemical, or oil and gas industries, trust Copeland Valves for strong, durable, high performance ball valves. Our industrial ball valves are fire-safe and applied with HVOF and plasma hard coatings in-house to provide the long-lasting, reliable performance you can expect from Copeland.

We also apply coatings and finishes as a stand-alone service. Using our technologically advanced HVOF overlays, we can repair a variety of valves, including all our competitors’ metal seated ball valves. Our team is here to provide cost-effective, innovative solutions to extend the life of your valves, reduce downtime, and improve performance.

As the global leader in design, development, and manufacturing for metal seated, severe service ball valves, Copeland Valves provides you with the solutions you need to improve efficiency and safety for your applications. We are your trusted partner for tested and proven valves and valve services.

Our Copeland Team

Since 1947, Copeland has set the industry standard for severe service ball valves and high performance coatings. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with valve solutions you can trust for even the harshest, most demanding applications. We’re dedicated to providing you with high quality products and services for your needs. Whether you need custom valves, thermal coatings, reconditioning, or valve repair services, we are here to provide you with comprehensive, proven solutions for your valve needs.

Our team is constantly looking toward the future. We are dedicated to innovation and continual improvement to help provide you with first-class valve solutions. Our team specializes in providing valves for toughest industrial applications. Our professionals offer extensive industry knowledge and experience on and off the field to ensure our valves and services meet our strict quality and performance standards. When you choose Copeland Valve, you gain peace of mind that your valves will stand the test of time, heat, pressure, and all the other harsh conditions in your applications.

When you need innovative, proven severe service ball valves and services, our team is here to help you find the best solutions for your applications. Request a quote today for your valve needs.