Benefits of Valve Carbide Coating in Houston
Carbide Coating in Houston - Copeland Valve & Coating Technologies

Benefits of Valve Carbide Coating in Houston

Carbide Coating in Houston - Copeland Valve & Coating Technologies
Carbide coating in Houston is applied by HVOF techniques.

Carbide coating in Houston helps protect valve surfaces to reduce galling, erosion, and other signs of wear. Particularly in severe service applications like oil and gas, petrochemical, and mining applications, your valves must withstand extremely harsh conditions such as high temperatures, corrosive chemicals, erosion from particles, and high pressure conditions. Coatings help keep your valves operating efficiently despite all these heavy-duty applications.

Carbide Coating in Houston for Valve Surfaces Increases Wear-Resistance

There are several benefits to carbide coating in Houston for your valves. For example, when it comes to metal seated ball valves, valve components experience metal-on-metal contact that can lead to galling. Valve coatings help reduce the risk of galling even in the most demanding applications. Also, because coated valve surfaces are wear-resistant, coatings help extend the life of your valves to reduce costs for repair and replacement. In addition, coatings are often much more cost-effective than fabricating whole valve components out of carbide and other heavy-duty metals. For severe service applications, coatings make the most sense for improving reliability and performance.

Types of Carbide Coating in Houston

There are two main types of carbide used for carbide coating in Houston on valves: chrome carbide and tungsten carbide. Chrome carbide coatings resist erosion and high temperatures, such as those found in many severe service applications. Chrome carbide offers a Rockwell scale hardness of around 65. 

Tungsten carbide is nearly two times stronger than steel and offers a Rockwell hardness of about 70. Tungsten carbide coatings for valves are great for severe service, but do have a lower temperature rating compared to chrome carbide. However, they also offer higher wear resistance due to the extra hardness of the material. Our team will work with you to determine the right coating for your application. 

Refurbishing Your Metal Seated Ball Valve with Coatings

In addition to creating more wear-resistant surfaces, carbide coating in Houston can also help refurbish valve surfaces. Re-coating valve components can seal the surface and return the surface to its original condition. Therefore, coatings are a common part of the reconditioning and repair process for severe service valves. If you have a metal seated ball valve with signs of wear, then call our team to learn if re-coating can help restore it to help avoid unnecessary expenses for replacement. 

At Copeland Valve & Coating Technologies, we offer expert valve engineering, design, and coatings for your severe service applications. Our proprietary thermal coating technology helps us provide you with long-lasting valves that stand up to the test of industrial applications. Since 1947, we’ve been setting industry standards for ball valves and high performance coatings. We are constantly innovating to provide you with more efficient, safe valves for your applications. Whether you need a custom forged ball valve or need reconditioning services for your critical valves, our team has practical solutions for you. Call us today at (713) 926-7481 to learn more and request a quote for your needs. We are here to serve you!